Whether we are rewarding good behavior or teaching our dog new tricks, treats are a staple in every pet owner’s household. But what happens if there's no treat on the market you can give your dog, leaving you with no edible reward options?

I thought I was out of luck after my dog Lambchop developed a myriad of medical issues, including kidney failure, pancreatitis and food allergies, and was placed on strict dietary guidelines. With nothing to reward him but a “good boy” and a pat on the head, I knew I had to do more. With my physical therapy background, I knew all about researching and adapting to new and specialized needs, no matter how rare, offbeat or bizarre, and, that where there's a will, there is always a way. After researching and mastering his home cooked meals, I took to the kitchen again, to tackle his dog biscuit cravings! tested hundreds of recipe combinations with Lambchop serving as the “official picky taste-tester”.

Finally, I developed a dog treat that not only met all his dietary needs but was healthy, nutritious and delicious. All of Lambchop’s doggie friends agreed and those with food allergies really did a happy dance along with their humans who were happy there were no unscheduled late night outings because their pups not only loved the treats but their digestive systems did too!

Biscuits by Lambchop™ dog treats are free of gluten, soy, corn, rice, dairy, eggs, nuts, animal proteins and preservatives and are low in fat, sodium and phosphorus - created for Lambchop's special needs and dietary restrictions but a simply healthy treat for your dog too!

With all-natural, healthy ingredients, a unique blend of gluten free bean flours, fresh fruits and local greenmarket ingredients, dogs love them so much they'll beg you to keep your own paws off! Just don't tell them they’re "health food"!



About Lambchop

After a rough start, Lambchop was rescued at 6 months old.  The quintessential New York City dog, Lambchop had his own motorcycle (with a sidecar), and went on to make quite a stir everywhere he rode! He was even filmed for a documentary, The Dogs of Manhattan, riding his motorcycle sidecar rig through Times Square at sunset.  A rock n' roll dog, Lambchop even dined with Keith Richards - making the music in this video perfection!

Giving Back

We love special dogs and believe that no dog should have to go without.  We give to local shelters on a regular basis and participate in many causes that pull at our heart strings around the country.  From raising money for shelters with other pet bloggers for National Pet Shelter Week, 24 hour Blogathons, to supporting World Vets with Paws for Japan, raising money for a little boy's seizure alert dog, Be The Change Challenge, we are honored to be able to give back and support dogs, and humans, in need! We even sponsor a dog who surfs to raise money for charities - Kahuna Kona!

We received a commendation from the State of New Jersey for services to the Humane Society of Atlantic Country.


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