Guess Kit-Kat's Breed For Chance To Win Dog Treats January 19 2017

Guess Kit-Kat's breed(s) for a chance to win dog biscuits from Biscuits by Lambchop

Kit-Kat giving the secret pawshake

Kit-Kat is a newly adopted now New Yorker by way of Miami, rescued from a high kill shelter via Petfinder. Her new family was curious about her mix and sent her DNA in for a Wisdom Panel DNA Test.

Beautiful dog eyes

Kit-Kat is very agile and smart. She can jump the safety gate as if she were just walking along.  Pretty good for this cute 20lb. shorty McShorty.

Kit-Kat dog riding a bike

Distinguishing features include her piercing eyes, short-ish legs, elongated body and slim tail with a white tip she likes to hold curled upwards in the air.

Beautiful dog eyes

Guess Kit-Kat's breed for a chance to win dog treats

Kit-Kat has 2 human siblings who she just adores. During the day when she's waiting for them to come home from school, she can found in her NYC apartment snuggled in her bed with her toy hedgehog, playing at the local dog run or hanging out with her canine bestie Starr (yup, that's our very own Starr of Biscuits by Lambchop). She loves to ride on her mom's bike (in the basket of course). Kit-Kat has acquired many nicknames in the past month; Bratty Katty, Kitty Cat, Pretty Girl, Girlie and sissy.

To enter the contest you must leave us a comment here on the blog, telling us what breed(s) you think Kit-Kat is.

For extra entries, you can also follow or like us and comment on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages too but you must also leave your guess here on the blog.

The winner will get 3 months membership in Lambchop's Secret Snack Society (8 ounces of Biscuits by Lambchop for 3 months).  Winnings can only be shipped within the USA only.  If you are outside the United States and want to participate - should you win, you can donate your winnings. or give to a friend, with a shipping address in the United States.Choppers and Starlets dog treats from Biscuits by Lambchop

Contest ends 2/14/17 (Valentine's Day) and the winner will be announced by 2/15/17 at midnight.  The person who guesses the closest to her actual test results with at least 1 correct breed in her results (that will be shared after the contest ends) will win.  In the event no one has guessed even 1 correct breed in Kit-Kat's DNA makeup, the contest will be extended.

(If you guesses differ on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, only your original answer here on the blog will be considered as your guess.)

In the event of a tie whereas more than 1 person correctly guesses Kit-Kat's breed(s) or is the closet to (including at least 1 correct breed she tested as), the person who had more entries (by sharing and posting on social media will be the winner.