Best Air Purifier For You AND Your Dog! July 28 2015

I've had my eye on the Alen air purifiers for quite some time now.  After allergens seemed to have ramped up this year I finally ordered this gem and cannot be happier - well yes I could be, if I had TWO!  (Will be purchasing a second one for my living room very soon.)

I admit I held off because I was skeptical.  I've had various air purifiers in the past and they were just okay, if that.  They're pretty expensive so if they're not going to make a huge difference it's not all that worth it.

Since they have a 60 day money back guarantee (and I think they even pay the shipping for the return) I had nothing to lose.  I did a decent job cleaning the bedroom prior to it's arrival and when it came I put it on Turbo for 2 hours, then set it on Auto.  Now usually, by the next day I can start to see dust and dog hair already.  I mean this is NYC and I do have a dog, who at 2 years old, all of a sudden decided to become a "shedder", even with her fairly short hair.  But ya' know, I love her - hair and all!  After 5 days I was shocked at how little dust and hair there was in the bedroom.  I almost couldn't believe it.  This Fit50 Air Purifier is incredible!  I got the Hepa Silver filter for mine.  Call the company to discuss your needs.  The sales reps are great and give you their info so you always have a contact.  There is a lifetime warranty if you don't abuse it and change your filters regularly (they keep track).

Starr (my dog and CCO & Official Spokesdog of Biscuits by Lambchop) has always sneezed from any type of strong smells.  I don't think she has sneezed once in the bedroom since I got this.  I know I haven't.  Now I need another for the living room and we'll be set.

I read a lot of reviews from people whose dogs have environmental allergies and the Fit50 has helped.

I give The Fit50 5 stars for humans and pets with environmental  allergies!  So pleasantly surprised.

I don't have a Roomba but this is almost like what I imagine having one is, without having to roam around your room and it gets dust out of the air too.