Secret Pet-Parent Hacks To Make Your Life Easier November 29 2014

Who doesn't love a good secret?  But I secretly think that the best kept secrets are meant to be shared!

Packing up for a post Thanksgiving day-trip with Starr I started thinking of all the things I needed to bring and realized I no longer needed a bunch of bags.  My new Charlie Bag actually held everything I needed for both myself and for Starr!  The brain-child of Canadian designer Catherine Choi, this bag is actually a diaper bag, meant to allow moms to stay organized and stylish with or without their babies in tow.  But ya' know, babies and dogs - VERY similar as far as their independence level and needs from us (human or pet-parents)!

The Charlie bag has compartments to keep my wallet, phone, sunglasses and so much more all organized and easy to find, as well as keeping Starr's raw food lunch and a raw bone cold all day in the cooler compartment.  The 2 bottle holders on either side of the bag, also kept her Water Rover bottle cool and mine as well.  Throw in some Biscuits by Lambchop on-the-go Snack Packs and we were all set for a day out and I only had to conveniently carry one ergonomically efficient bag!

I wanted to share this best kept secret with you now because SoYoung is actually having a sale this weekend and so is Water Rover (you may need to sign up for Water Rover's newsletter but check with them)!

Speaking of differently-purposing items - when Lambchop was in kidney failure and I had to monitor is water input and output, I simply carved milliliter (mL) lines into the Water Rover and filled that in with permanent marker to keep track easily.  The great thing about that water bowl for on-the-go and for dogs who need this type of monitoring, is you do not have to throw out the water after it's poured into the bowl.  You simply lift the bottle slowly upright and the water goes right back in the bottle!  Nice on a hike where you can't refill easily.

Do you have a great pet-parent hack?  Tell us in the comments!