Thanksgiving Leftover Medley For Your Dog - What's safe? November 29 2014

It's hard to resist giving your dog leftovers after Thanksgiving.  We usually cook so much we have meals for a week.
But what's safe to feed your dog without upsetting their digestive systems, or worse, making them sick?

Did you know feeding your dog the wrong foods, or just too much of a good thing can result in potentially life threatening illness?  I'll be the first one to feed my dog so-called "table-food" but by that I mean FRESH, WHOLE FOOD but not necessarily my food with sugar or spices (just everything nice - sorry, I could not resist).  I actually do feed Starr a fresh, whole foods diet.  As for what she can get "off the table" I am very selective, and you should be too.

Here are some common Thanksgiving foods you can and can't feed your dog.  Choose from the CAN list, feed in moderation to your dog's tolerance (ask your vet first if you're not sure) and you can both enjoy some leftovers.

Typical Thanksgiving leftovers you can feed your dog in moderation**:

Turkey (give breast meat if your dog has fat digestion issues)
Peas *
Pumpkin *
Yams *
Cranberries (no sugar) *

Mashed Potato *
Green beans *
Kale *
Brussel Sprouts *

(*Mash up, puree, or otherwise break the cell walls on vegetables because your dog's body cannot)

** Introduce new foods in very small amounts and check with your vet regarding your dog's individual needs if unsure.

Typical thanksgiving foods/ingredients you should never feed any dog:

Cooked turkey (or other) bones
Sugary desserts
Too much fat or skin
Macadamia nuts
Any kind of dough
Too much of any good thing!