Paws for the Phillippines - One Act of Love November 14 2013

Our good friend and veterinarian Dr. V at Pawcurious can always be counted on to get down to business helping animals in need and knowing just the right people who can get it done. After the Philippines was devasted by Typhoon Haiyan, I contacted Dr. V to see how we can help and within two days the "animal community" was in motion and World Vets is mobilizing to the Phillippines to help animals in need! World-Vets Of course there are countless people in need and help is mobilizing for them from many different organizations and governments, but animals suffer in disasters too and often are separated from their people or their homes - out on the streets, in terrible conditions, trying to survive. Paws for Phillippines Dr. V has invited us all to take part and make November 15th a day to commit to One Act of Love. She's donating a day's salary. We at Biscuits by Lambchop are donating 30% of biscuit sales. Will you choose One Act of Love for the animals in need? No act is too small. It can be as simple as sharing this to get the word out or as big as you can dream!