Dog Hair Clean Up on Aisle One.... February 07 2013

Yes, it's the elusive dog hair! Able to traverse tall buildings in a single bound, get into the tiniest of crevices, hug every corner of the house and never let go! Dog hair, that crafty villain who can never fully get caught and who we love to hate. Dog hair, that beautiful reminder of our 4-legged loved one we just wish we could train as well as our beloved dog. DOG HAIR! What's a dog parent to do? Leave them outside? NO WAY! dogs-outside-screen-door   We saw a headline for a Martha Stewart blog recently on cleaning tips - of course, thank you Martha, you always come through. Wish I could find the link for you but they wrote about electrostatic mops for daily cleanup jobs. Intrigued because the ones we've used in the past were "eh" but these were more heavy duty. Quick switch over to Google and we kept coming up with Bona microfiber mop and duster. Reviews were amazing for the mop itself - especially on pet hair, but not so much the handle, who many had problems with. We decided to give it a try. First thing, the handle was tricky. It really did just appear broken but after a call to the company and a little instruction on putting it together the handle was actually quite good, although it does untwist after a long job but a quick turn in the other direction and you're good to go. The mop/duster itself? It's pretty amazing! Especially rounding up that elusive dog hair! It gets into corners nicely and fits into slim spaces and underneath furniture. We're loving it and a daily quick cleanup on aisle one, the living room and bedroom is easy and thorough! Now most of the dog hair is ON the dog, where we love it most! Like this tip and want to keep up on more? Join our newsletter for tips, news and specials! You'll even get 10% off your first biscuit order! Woof!