Boardwalk to Boardroom – Found Hound Becomes Chief Cookie Officer of Dog Treat Company May 27 2008

Starr CCO

Discovered running the streets of Atlantic City, 4-month-old Starr hit the doggie jackpot!

Now Chief Cookie Officer at Biscuits by Lambchop in New York City, this girl’s story is one of rags to riches.

After local police finally caught up with our girl, she was brought to the Humane Society of Atlantic County where she was literally given a new leash on life.

Lucky for her, volunteer dog trainer, Ana Cilursu, was on duty when police brought her in to the shelter late one Saturday afternoon.  It took Ana half an hour to coax the terrified hound out of the police cruiser.

Knowing how important it was to build Starr’s confidence, Ana took her home for the weekend where she was treated like one of her own, playing with the other dogs, enjoying bones, chew treats, a backyard and a little training of course.

Starr at Ana's



When Monday came, a more confident Starr and was ready to return to the shelter and prepare for her eventual adoption.  There was no doubt this smart cookie would find a good home.

Standing in Crate



Ana began sending e-mails about Starr to her friend, Annette Frey, who had lost her cherished dog a few months earlier.  She immediately received a phone call from Annette, who wanted to know why she was sending her dog photos and stories.  “Oh, I just thought you’d be interested in her story.  She’s cute isn’t she?  Very smart”, replied Ana.  “Yes, very cute.  I’m not ready.  And I’m going out of town anyway”, retorted Annette.


While out of town, Annette continued to get photos and stories about this ‘great dog’ and eventually set up an appointment to come see her upon her return.


Of course once they met, the deal was sealed with kisses galore! 

 Starr Kiss 

Starr was moving to Manhattan!


Little did she know she was going to have a job - taste testing dog biscuits! Woo-hooo! 4 fast laps around the kitchen.

Starr was so good at her job, she tapped her paw by the end of the baking day, a little impatient tasting just the one treat – Biscuits by Lambchop.  She started sneaking into the kitchen late at night,

Baking  working up recipes, secretly talking to the Purveyors at the Union Square Greenmarket on the weekends (about apples and honey).

Talking to Purveyor           Working

Whispering the ingredients in Annette’s ear night after night, finally the day came when she woke up thinking, “I have a great apple-cinnamon-honey treat idea, and I think I’ll call them Starlets”.


Alas, a new treat was born, bearing her name and Starlet was promoted to Chief Cookie Officer of Biscuits by Lambchop.



Starlet lives with her family in New York City where she enjoys baking, tasting treats, long walks, agility, her many boyfriends, friends and neighbors.



Please visit the Humane Society of Atlantic County for more information on how to you can meet your new best friend, or to make a donation.  


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