Safety Tips for Your Dog on Valentines Day February 11 2008

StarrKissingBoo PUPPY LOVE IS: ..... never having to drool alone ..... assisting your guy with drool control ..... giving your guy regular dental checks ..... loving your guy no matter what A few safety reminders for your pup on this Valentine's Day:
    • As delicious as chocolate is, it can be toxic to dogs (and other pets). Remember to keep chocolate out of reach from your dog.
    • Candy and candy wrappers should also be kept out of reach. Watch out for those expert 'counter surfers'!
    • Shiny jewelry/gem gift can catch a pup's attention. Be sure your pup doesn't play with and possibly ingest these glistening trinkets. Ingested they can cause G.I. distress and possible obstruction.
    • Some flowers and plants are dangerous if ingested by pets. These include buttercups, calla lillies (cats), and tulips. Thorny plants, such as roses can also hurt your pup. Watch out for the packaged plant food that come with some floral arrangements. These can also lead to G.I. problems.
Some fun things to do with your pup on Valentine's Day:
  • Long walks in the park or a nice run around the 'hood'
  • Fun frisbee toss
  • Teach your dog a new trick: training can be lots of fun, it's great to challenge your pup and build those problem solving skills. Remember to keep training sessions short, we don't want to frustrate them.
  • Take an agility class! It's fun and mentally stimulating for you and your dog
  • A Spa Day if you're pup likes that sort of thing. They can be groomed or just have a nice relaxing doggie massage!
  • And of course, last but certainly not least "throw your dog a bone".....or a ball.....or their favorite toy!
  Remember, bringing a new pet into the home is a big decision and responsibility. Pets do not make good gifts unless the receiver is in on it and it is planned ahead. If you want to give a pet as a gift, consider a gift certificate to adopt from your local shelter instead.