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Well, I must say this has been a very - umm, 'interesting' experience. Almost all votes included Rhodesian Ridgeback and I must tell you that I was SURE that Starr is in large part Rhodesian Ridgeback! My next likely guesses were Lab, Golden, maybe some kind of Shepard. Many of our contest participants included these in their guesses as well. So here I was thinking, wow, I'm going to have a million way tie. But no, not even close to a tie. In fact, only 2 people guessed any of the breeds on the test results. I have contacted the company to get more insight on the test results, but haven't gotten a response. Sure wish they would. I am tempted to have the Canine Heritage Test done as well to see if I get the same result but they only test for one of the breeds that came back on the Wisdom Test. Canine Heritage is going to be adding breeds at some point in the (hopefully) near future though, so I may do it then. Okay, okay - the results. DRUM ROLL PLEASE! High and Medium Level: MIXED BREED Huh??! I already KNEW she was a mixed breed, hence why I had the test run. Interesting. Low Level: Rottweiler Trace Level: Field Spaniel Trace Level: Norwegian Elkhound My interpretation: Norwegian Spoiled Rotten Hound! Now one would 'think' that Starr's physical attributes would be the strongest DNA in her makeup yet I do not see one physical attribute of any of these 3 breeds. Not hair length, coat, color, shape, etc. The only thing is a sort of fluffy tail, which Norwegian Elk Hounds have, but theirs are fluffier and their tails are curled, hers is not. Of course I haven't been able to speak to anyone from the company to further explain the results so no idea quite how that works. Any DNA experts out there, would love to hear more about how these things translate. Despite these 'surprising' results, we are happy to announce there are 2 winners! Our first place winner is from Staten Island, NY who guessed Rottweiler and our second place winner is from Chattanooga,TN - who guessed Field Spaniel. Congratulations! Thanks to everyone for participating in our contest. I want to add that although the Canine Heritage test only tests for about 38 breeds at the moment, they are going to be adding breeds in the future AND they answered my e-mail inquiry within a day - nice customer service!