Guess Starrs Breed and Win Dog treats from Biscuits by Lambchop October 24 2007

DNAHelixBiscuitTrayDNAHelix On October 24th, 2007 our assistant fore-puppy Starr is getting DNA tested to find out her breed. Don't worry, she's getting blood work done anyway for her regular yearly checkup, no extra rigmarole. Here's how the contest will work. I will tell you all about Starlet's personality traits, likes, dislikes and post a bunch of photos so you can get a good look at her (below). All 134 breeds that the DNA test screens for are listed on the survey so take your best guess. You can guess what breed(s) you think will come up as High, Medium, Low and Trace probability on the test. Whoever is the closet to the actual results will win a pound of Biscuits by Lambchop dog treats and another four closest guesses, a half pound. You can read all about our treats at The test results take 4-6 weeks to come back so there will be plenty of time to vote before the results come in. We will close the voting on November 25, 2007. ** Click Here to vote ** Headshot. Headshot Close-up of her eyes. You can see her natural eyeliner. Yup, she's all girl - never leaves home without her 'makeup'! Eyes closeup Here you can see the white 'star' on her chest and her cute belly as she does a simple "sit pretty" trick. She's very smart and knows quite a few fun tricks. UnderView View of her back where you can see the zigzag which lessens in the summer and becomes more pronounced in the winter. BackView Starlet has been taking agility classes for the past year. The stimulation and problem solving are perfect for this smart cookie - she loves agility! AgilityJump Starlet is quite the snow dog! She LOVES to rub herself all over the snow, naturally 'tracks' in the snow and of course there's no better place to run. SnowGirl Starr is very visually alert. Sometimes it takes me 5 minutes to find the bird she is tracking on a rooftop a half a block away! StarrBubbles Very agile. She jumps high and runs very fast, usually the fastest in the bunch. StarrJump Loves the water - unless of course it's a bath or rain! StarrPool She's a big flirt! With dogs and people. Always vying for attention and loving every moment of it. Flirt Starr loves everyone but this 'lil guy is the love of her life! Nothing better than a drooly kiss! StarrKissingBoo Stats: 2 1/2 years old, 65 lbs., length (scruff to tail) 26 inches, neck circumference 16 inches, height 24 inches, long sleek legs, very shiny and healthy coat, excellent teeth and health. Favorite things and activities: Playing with other dogs, running, swimming, agility/sports, challenging training games, chasing squirrels (and birds to a lesser degree), meeting and greeting people, car rides, eating treats and raw bones, eating raw food - especially ostrich and fish (cooked) and her favorite delicacy - licking mastiff drool! Dislikes: Baths, rain, skateboards and scooters coming at her, loud crowds of kids (fearful), very odd people coming at her (we live in NYC so when I say 'odd' I mean ODD!), turkey, being left out of anything. Other: Starr is very strong willed and independent in some ways but very attached to me at the same time, although she can be stubborn and pushy at times. She is extremely friendly and is a gracious hostess, welcoming other dogs into her home and even sharing her toys with them. She has a very good sense of other dogs. When she meets a puppy, she will lie down for them and gently paw toward them, inviting interaction. She knows when a small dog likes to play or when she should lie down and be mellower for them. Starlet is a very happy girl. She loves life and is very engaging and loving! Prior history: Starr was found running the street of Atlantic City at about 4 months old, so we don't know anything about her life prior to that. The police finally caught up with her at The Star of the Sea Chruch, hence her name as given to her by her goD-mother at the Atlantic County Humane Society. We adopted her at about 5 months old. ** Click Here to vote **